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Enjoy Thrive's Exclusive In-House Cannabis Brands

Grown and made with love in Hagerstown, Maryland

Discover Thrive Wellness' exclusive in-house cannabis brands, carefully crafted to deliver the highest quality and exceptional experiences. From premium flower to artisanal edibles, our products reflect our commitment to your well-being and elevate your cannabis journey. Explore our unique offerings and elevate your wellness with Thrive.

Betty's Eddies

Betty’s Eddies™ deliciously handcrafted fruit chews feature all-natural blends of full-spectrum cannabis, supporting cannabinoids, and herbal supplements & vitamins, to help you feel your Betty best no matter what life throws at you.

Nature's Heritage Cannabis

Curating an archive of genetics from around the world, we cultivate unique strains of cannabis that capture the finest elements of the plant. We care for our plants like Mother Nature would, never cutting corners. Explore the fine lineages of Nature’s Heritage.

Look into Nature. Honor your Heritage. Trust in Trees.

Bubby's Baked Goods

Meet and greet these social sweets with high-times baked into every bite! Inspired by the original pot brownie, our tasty treats are small-batch & made from scratch with only the best ingredients and full-spectrum cannabis. For a soft-baked, blissful bite every time, get some Bubby’s and get baked.

Vibations Advanced Hydration

Focus and energize your day with Vibations: Advanced Hydration. Our great tasting cannabis + electrolyte drink mix is infused with fast-acting, full-spectrum cannabis, optimized cannabinoids, and natural ingredients so you can vibe your way to your best day. We’ve harnessed the power of Advanced Hydration from a blend of replenishing electrolytes with mixes now available for Focus + Energy (with caffeine or THCV), for Chill (with CBG), and for Sleep (with CBN).


We’re InHouse – and we pride ourselves on offering versatile, high-quality cannabis products at a way nice price. There's something for everyone here, whether it be hand-grown flower, roll-your-own packs with papers & ground flower, or vapes and gummies available in unique cannabinoid ratios and tasty flavors. Enjoy something great without breaking the bank. From our house to yours - cheers!

K Fusion

Customized Ratios • Flexible Dosing • Clean Ingredients • Pocket-Friendly. Our friendly formulas include a 1:1 (5mg THC: 5mg CBD) option & a 5mg THC option. K Fusion products are available in a 20-count tin (100mg THC total).